Unlocking Agroecological Potential in West Africa: CIRAWA Workshop Presents Baseline Data Analyses Conclusions

Baseline Data Analyses Workshop Accra, Ghana 7th to 12th August 2023.

The CIRAWA project marked a milestone as it concluded its Baseline Data Analyses Workshop held from the 7th to the 12th of August 2023 in Accra, Ghana. The workshop brought together experts, stakeholders, and partners to evaluate the findings of Work Package 2 (WP2), which aims at identifying the best agroecological strategies adapted to local needs and contexts.

Over the past months, comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data were gathered from eight focal locations across Cape Verde, Ghana, Senegal and The Gambia to collect information on existing practices, and to understand the social, economic and environmental conditions. This preliminary work enables CIRAWA partners to design innovative approaches to unlock agroecological potential.

Partners during the Baseline Data Analyses Workshop in Accra, Ghana, in September 2023. Source: UDS.

The Workshop highlighted data on a varied range of issue including:

  • Important crops in several communities,
  • The agroecological strategies that are indigenous to the communities,
  • Elements required by the farmers to improve food and nutritional security
  • Farmers rely on indigenous knowledge and are already implementing nature-based solutions.

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